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Personalized Faber-Castell Coloring Pencils Set

Personalized Faber-Castell Coloring Pencils Set

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All the tools you need to start school


Triangular colored pencils and regular pencils.

In this set is included:

  • 20 grip coloring pencils. Personalized of course
  • 4 red grip name pencils with extra 4 red top erasers
  • 1 high quality pencil sharpener
  • 1 red, very nice roll-up pencil case

Everything from Faber-Castell


And it all comes with a luxurious pencil case, making it easy to carry on the go.

The complete - and practical - pencil case for the schoolchild.

A place for favorite colors/pencils for many years to come.

The roll-up case has room for a total of 30 pencils or markers, so there's plenty of space for you to fill it with your other favorite colors.

You can choose the color of the imprint itself. 

Note that the colored pencils are equipped with name fields, which can have different background colors. I imprint the name as much as possible inside the name field.

All imprinting is done by hand and you get to choose from a large range of colors for the imprinting.

Especially the metallic imprinting foils give the coloring pencils an aestetic look of luxury. Awesome gift for any creative soul of all ages.

Make your coloring experience truly unique with personalized Faber-Castell Coloring Pencils.

Hand-done imprinting allows you to choose from a variety of colors, including luxurious metallic foils, to make your pencils truly one-of-a-kind.

This makes for an amazing and thoughtful gift for any creative person, no matter their age. 

All pencils and coloring pencils at WeLovePencils are sold personalized.

I imprint the name or text with mostly metallic foil but also several matte color option are available.

Pair it with a Mandalas coloring book and you have a awesome personal gift for any creative boy or girl.


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