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Collection: Pencil Sharpeners

Faber-Castell Sharpener Collection

WeLovePencils offers a wide array of top-notch pencil sharpeners, including a variety of options from the well-known Faber-Castell brand.

Sharpeners for Every Pencil

Our collection features sharpeners that cater to all types of pencils, whether they're standard graphite or colorful ones. Faber-Castell's sharpeners are designed to be adaptable, ensuring you get a smooth and accurate sharpen every time.

Comprehensive Sharpener Options

We offer a selection of sharpeners, some with single and others with double holes, to fit both regular and thicker jumbo pencils, along with coloring pencils. Certain models come with an integrated compartment for shavings, helping to keep your area clean and organized.

Trusted Quality from Faber-Castell

Faber-Castell's sharpeners stand out for their ease of use and reliability, made with high-quality materials and precision engineering.

The Importance of a Quality Sharpener

It's important to have a quality sharpener to keep your pencils in the best condition, avoiding breakage and ensuring they remain sharp for the best performance. Sharpeners that contain shavings are also great for reducing mess and maintaining a neat workspace.

Discover the Perfect Sharpener at WeLovePencils

Visit WeLovePencils to explore all the selection of Faber-Castell sharpeners and other high-quality options that will improve your writing and drawing experience.


Matching Sets

Are large part of the sharpeners in our collection have a macthing partner in the Eraser section.  That way you can confidently open up your pencil case knowing that the content is stylish and matching.

Some pencil sharpeners even come with a build-in eraser so it is all right there for you in one single item.