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Ice Flowers Mandalas Coloring Book Vol. I from age 8+

Ice Flowers Mandalas Coloring Book Vol. I from age 8+

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Ice Flowers Mandalas Coloring Book Vol. I For Ages 8+

The "Ice Flowers Mandalas Coloring Book Vol. I" opens a serene escape for artists aged 8 to 99 and above, meticulously brought to life by Vivian Rea, also known as Colour-cat. This distinctive collection reveals the stunning intricacy of ice flowers, each pattern originating from the artist's skilled hand using pencil, compass, and ruler, devoid of digital creation for its initial designs. Digitally refined for high-quality print, these mandalas offer a blend of traditional artistry and modern clarity, inviting everyone into a meditative coloring experience.

Enhance Your Coloring Experience:

Pair this captivating book with our personalized coloring pencils available in the shop. Perfect for artists of all ages, these pencils are not only ergonomic and suited for detailed coloring but also customizable, adding a personal touch to every coloring session. The thick jumbo format is especially designed for comfort, ensuring that both young artists and adults can color for hours without strain.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Ice Flower Designs: Each mandala is a homage to the ephemeral beauty of frost flowers, offering a sophisticated challenge for colorists.
  • Broad Appeal: From young enthusiasts to adults, this coloring book is a gateway to relaxation and creativity for ages 8 to 99.
  • Authentic Artistry: Celebrate the meticulous hand-drawn patterns by Vivian Rea, enhanced digitally for the crispest lines and details.
  • Mindfulness Through Art: Engage in the tranquil activity of coloring, proven to reduce stress and improve focus across all ages.
  • Quality and Sustainability: Enjoy coloring on 170g thick paper, ensuring durability and eco-friendliness with every page.
  • Complementary Personalized Jumbo Color Pencils: Elevate your art with personalized color pencils from our shop, tailored to enhance your coloring precision and enjoyment.

The "Ice Flowers Mandalas Coloring Book Vol. I" isn't just a coloring book; it's a moment of calm and artistic fulfillment. Perfect for anyone seeking to enrich their creative practice or find a peaceful escape, this book, alongside our personalized color pencils, sets the stage for countless hours of serene coloring.

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